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SQA News UK 16 February 2021

Systems Verification Key Messages 2021

We have published Systems Verification Key Messages 2021 on our website.

This aims to help you remain fully compliant with our systems verification quality assurance criteria, protecting your status as an SQA approved centre and the integrity of SQA's qualifications.

It contains advice from over 100 remote systems verification visits conducted by systems verifiers between July and November 2020. It has been prepared by the team of quality enhancement managers responsible for systems approval and systems verification.

Please use this to support your own SQA centre self-evaluation or review process; share it with your centre staff and implement the improvements that apply to you.

You should use the document alongside System Verification Criteria: Guidance for Centres, which is also available on our website.

The single action that will lead to most improvement in systems verification outcomes is to include all the necessary SQA requirements in your written documentation. Please make sure that you have documented evidence of how your practice matches your policy.