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SQA News 25 February 2021

SQA's Cyber Security portfolio

One of the aims of this year's Cyber Scotland Week is to promote skills development and careers in the continually evolving field of cyber security. Over the past week, we've been sharing posts on our social channels highlighting our suite of cyber qualifications and awards.

Here is an overview:

Award in Cyber Security Fundamentals (SCQF level 4) - Our introduction to cyber gives leaners practical experience and knowledge around cyber-threats.

NPA Cyber Security (SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6) - Last year, over 1,300 school and college candidates raised their awareness of cyber security, preparing them for further studies and future employment in this area.

HNC Cyber Security (SCQF level 7) - Our entry level HN develops learners' knowledge, understanding, and skills in topics such as data security, and ethical hacking.

HND Cyber Security (SCQF level 8) - Our HND builds on and enhances the knowledge and skills of the HNC, setting learners up for success in the workplace, or study at a higher level.

PDA Cyber Resilience (SCQF levels 7, 8 and 9) - Launched in August 2020, the Professional Development Award introduces cyber security topics to learners already employed in related sectors who are looking to develop their skills.

Bobby Elliott, SQA Qualifications Manager, says learners that utilise SQA's cyber portfolio have a clear pathway into the cyber security workforce. He adds: "We developed these qualifications in partnership with leading employers, and experts from across the cyber sector, so learners can be assured the skills, knowledge and understanding they will develop has been prescribed by the leading voices from across the industry and they will be equipped to thrive in an area which increasingly impacts on every aspect of society."

You can keep up to date with latest developments, including around our Cyber and new Data Science qualifications, by following our Computing blog.