Assessment of National 4 added value units

26 February 2021

SQA has been reviewing its approach to assessment in National 4 courses in response to feedback from teachers and lecturers, and to support schools, colleges, and training providers to manage assessment where it has been impacted by disruption to learning and the ongoing restrictions associated with COVID-19. 

We have decided that learners will not have to complete National 4 added value units in session 2020-21. This decision is supported by the National Qualifications 2021 Group.

Removing the mandatory requirement to complete the added value unit will free up more time for learning and teaching and for assessing other units in National 4 courses, where this is needed.

Entering results for National 4 courses in session 2020-21

To achieve the overall course award for National 4 this session, learners must pass all contributing units in the National 4 course. Teachers and lecturers will still need to submit a 'pass' result for the added value unit to ensure learners are certificated for the course award, however this does not need to be evidence-based.

While there is no requirement to gather evidence for the added value unit this session, it is still important that learners have opportunities to develop and demonstrate the required skills, knowledge and understanding from across the course that are outlined in the National 4 added value unit specification, where possible. This will support learners as they progress to further learning and assessment at SCQF level 5.