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SQA News 4 March 2021

Using and storing SQA's secure assessment materials

The SQA Secure website contains confidential assessment materials that teachers and lecturers can use to support internal assessment when gathering evidence for provisional results.

If you are using these assessment materials, you must treat them confidentially, in the same way as other live assessment materials. They must be stored securely when not in use.

This includes 2021 question papers and marking instructions, and 2021 coursework assessment tasks for subjects that normally have an assignment released annually. 

Sharing assessment materials as part of professional discussions

You may wish to refer to the assessment materials when engaging in professional discussion and collaboration with colleagues. Please ensure that confidential assessment materials are not shared or discussed online or in any other location where they could be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Using question papers with candidates

If you are planning to use the 2021 question papers with your candidates, you have the option to use the question papers in full or in part.

Please ensure candidates are fully aware that they must not discuss the content of the question papers with anyone - including on social media - as other schools, colleges and training providers will be using the question papers with their candidates at different times.

Further guidance

Our subject-specific guidance for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher provides advice on how to use question papers and other assessment resources when gathering evidence to support provisional results. This guidance is available from our NQ subject pages.

Video guidance on how to extract content from question papers is available from our Assessment Resources webpage at