SQA seeks views on 2021 Appeals Process

Friday 12 March 2021

Today SQA has published a consultation on the appeals process for 2021 National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher courses – the fifth stage of the revised Alternative Certification Model.

Appeals are a process for ensuring that the demonstrated attainment of a candidate has been appropriately graded, and that the processes in place to ensure that, have been appropriately followed.

The consultation outlines how we propose to make sure that fairness and equity are a central part of the appeals process this year. Importantly this includes young people having the ability to directly appeal their results and the appeals service being free of charge.

SQA’s consultation has been informed by discussions with a range of stakeholders.

We want to hear from teachers, lecturers, training providers, employers, and other stakeholders including parents, carers and learners themselves, to inform our final proposals.

The consultation explains SQA’s statutory responsibilities in the awarding of qualifications and reflects the agreed approach to awarding in 2021, as co-created by the National Qualifications 2021 Group*.

The consultation then asks for your views on:

The consultation will run until Friday 26 March, with findings, and final appeals process to be published in early May. The consultation can be found here.

*The National Qualifications 2021 Group is represented by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), Colleges Scotland, Education Scotland, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), School Leaders Scotland (SLS), the Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS), Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the Scottish Government, National Parent Forum of Scotland, and the Scottish Youth Parliament.