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SQA News 25 March 2021

Digital question papers for National 5 to Advanced Higher

SQA is publishing digital versions of the 2021 National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher question papers for candidates with additional support needs.

The 2021 digital question papers will be available from the SQA Secure website by the end of April.

We normally provide centres with digital question papers in response to assessment arrangements requests, which are submitted by centres before the exam diet. However, as the 2021 exam diet is cancelled and the Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system is closed, we are making digital question papers available online for all centres, to support candidates that need them.

Which subjects will be available?

Digital question papers will be available for all subjects that SQA receives assessment arrangements requests for each year. We will provide digital question papers for other subjects on request. If your centre requires a digital question paper for a subject that is not available, please email

About digital question papers

Digital question papers are interactive PDF versions of SQA question papers that can be used with speech recognition or text reading software, where this is installed.

For question papers that come in a structured 'question and answer' format, the digital question papers have the answer boxes enabled so that candidates can type their answers or dictate them with speech recognition software.

For question papers that come in an unstructured 'question only' format (where candidates normally write their answers in a separate answer booklet), the digital question papers are accompanied by digital answer books. Candidates can type their answers into the digital answer books or dictate them with speech recognition software.

View more information on digital question papers.