Appeals 2021

Information for centres

2021 National Qualifications Appeals: Information for centres (211 KB)

Provides full information on the 2021 appeals service including a key dates timeline, eligibility criteria, types of and grounds for appeal, and evidence required to support an appeal. The document has been updated to include guidance on submitting digital evidence and physical evidence, subject-specific information, retention of material, and appeals information for learners accessing the incomplete evidence contingency arrangement.

Escalated appeals 2021: Information for centres and learners (205 KB)

This document confirms the grounds on which an escalated appeal can be submitted by a learner or head of centre. It also outlines the process and requirements for an escalated appeal.

Answers to your questions about appeals

What are the key dates I need to be aware of?

The key dates for the 2021 appeals service are:

Activity Dates
Deadline for centres to submit provisional results to SQA 25 June 2021
Learner appeals registration service opens on SQA website 25 June 2021
Learners receive certificates 10 August 2021
Centres are able to submit appeals requests via SQA Connect From 10 August 2021
Digital upload window opens 10 August 2021
Learner appeals registration service closes 12 August 2021
Closing date for priority appeals requests 24 August 2021
Digital upload window closes for priority appeals 24 August 2021
Closing date for all other appeals requests 27 August 2021
Digital upload window closes for appeals (uplift of physical materials dates to be confirmed) 27 August 2021
SQA issues results for type A (Academic judgement)* priority appeals to centres 6 September 2021
SQA issues results for appeals TBC
Replacement certificates issued to learners TBC

*SQA will endeavour to resolve priority type B (Administrative error) and C (Discrimination) appeals by the UCAS deadline. However, as these are complex matters, it may not be possible to resolve all of these appeals in this timeframe.

What information do schools/centres need to provide to SQA once an appeal has been confirmed?

If a learner is appealing against the academic judgement made:

SQA will ask you to provide all the necessary evidence and materials that were used to determine the learner's result.

If the learner is appealing against an unresolved administrative error or are appealing on the grounds of discrimination contrary to the Equality Act

As part of the registration process, we will ask learners to provide a short, written explanation of what they believe has happened. If they need to, or prefer to, they can ask a parent or carer to help them.

SQA will review the learner's submission in discussion with you.

You can also advise SQA of any administrative errors that you identify.

Consultation results

We consulted and engaged widely with education stakeholders and representatives of parents and carers and young people during the development of the 2021 appeals service.

Where permission to publish has been provided, the consultation responses are now available to view online.