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SQA News 22 April 2021

NQ Music Performance Assessment 2020-21

To support teachers and lectures with grading decisions for this session, we have published an SQA Academy course about the assessment of Music performance at National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher.

The first part of the course highlights key information from the Teachers and Lecturers - National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher Music - Performance Assessment 2020-21 document available from the SQA Secure website. Links to all downloadable documents including digital versions of the candidate assessment record are included in this part.

The second part of the course gives you the opportunity to listen to new examples of candidate performances (including bagpipes and pipe band drumming) at National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher levels. For each candidate, you hear their audio and see the sheet music, and then mark the performance.

There is a commentary for each performance aspect and details on how marks were awarded.

The course is available here, and the enrolment key is music21.

This SQA Academy course complements the new Understanding Standards materials published on the SQA Secure website for the performance component for Music.

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