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SQA News 22 April 2021

Changes to entry levels: updated closing date for National Courses

In response to your feedback, and to support you during this challenging time, we have extended the deadline date for submitting changes to your National Course entry data from 30 April to 14 May 2021

We are here to support you so, if you have difficulty in meeting this date for some of your learners, please email

The Provisional Results service will be available via SQA Connect from 5 May and will reflect your entries at that point in time. Therefore, having your centre's entry data as accurate as possible by 5 May would be beneficial for you. Instructions are contained in the User Guide, which will be issued shortly, on how to progress any required amendments after the service has opened.

Freestanding unit entries at SCQF levels 5, 6 and 7

Please note that the closing date for any changes to these unit entries remains as 30 April and only applies to those seeking August certification.