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SQA News 29 April 2021

Digital question papers for National 5 to Advanced Higher

We have published digital versions of the 2021 National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher question papers for disabled learners and learners with additional support needs.

The digital question papers are available from the SQA Secure website and you can arrange access to them through your SQA co-ordinator.

Why has SQA published digital question papers?

We normally provide centres with digital question papers in response to assessment arrangements requests, which are submitted by centres before the exam diet. However, as the 2021 exam diet is cancelled and the Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system is closed, we have made digital question papers available online for all centres that need them.

Digital question papers are designed for use by disabled learners or learners with additional support needs. They should only be used by learners that have an assessment arrangement requirement and have had classroom practise in using them.

They are compatible with MS Windows and Apple devices.

Which subjects are available?

Digital question papers are available for most subjects, based on the assessment arrangements requests we receive year on year.

The following subjects and levels have not been included, as we do not normally receive requests for them:

However, if your centre requires digital question papers for any of the subjects listed above, please send a request to

Maintaining security of digital question papers

If you plan on using the digital question papers with your learners, please remember that these are confidential assessment materials. While understanding that they are being made available to centres across Scotland, it is important that the integrity of these assessment resources is protected as far as possible.

With that in mind, please ensure that the digital question papers are stored securely when not in use. While you will undoubtedly have professional conversations with your colleagues over how these resources will best be used, please do not share or discuss the question papers and marking instructions online, including on social media, chat forums or in any other location where they could be accessed by unauthorised persons. 

Taking these steps to maintain the security and confidentiality of the question papers will protect the integrity of these assessments and help to ensure fairness for all learners.

View more information on digital question papers.