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SQA News 6 May 2021

New Determining provisional results course

SQA has launched a new online SQA Academy course for teachers and lecturers on Determining provisional results at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

This new course explains the high-level principles you should follow when judging learner evidence and guides you through the steps to determining provisional results. It also features some helpful resources that are available for you to download, including a checklist of reflective questions to ask when determining provisional results.

Access the SQA Academy course on determining provisional results.

When completing the course, you must also refer to your subject-specific guidance on gathering evidence. This guidance details the types of key evidence you should gather to inform your assessment decisions, along with other factors you should consider for your subject. Subject-specific guidance on gathering evidence is available from the NQ subject pages of our website. 

The determining provisional results course replaces both the SQA Academy course on Quality Assuring Estimates and SQA's general guidance on gathering evidence for estimates, which were developed during session 2019-20. SQA retained both resources because they contained general information and principles that could still be helpful to centres during stage one of the alternative certification model

The new Determining provisional results course will support you as you progress through stages two and three of the alternative certification model.