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SQA News 13 May 2021

Providing secure assessment feedback to learners

SQA has received enquiries about giving feedback to learners following use of the optional secure assessment resources, which have been provided to assist you in gathering learner evidence for provisional results.

We wrote to all schools, colleges and training providers on Tuesday 20 April confirming the importance of maintaining the security of these assessment resources. They are confidential and must be stored securely when not in use.

Providing feedback to learners on their progress, based on assessment evidence, is an important part of stage two and stage three of the alternative certification model. When you provide feedback to learners on secure assessment materials, please keep your feedback to general topics or areas where the learner may need to strengthen their knowledge and understanding, rather than sharing specific answers.

This approach will help you provide the right level of feedback to discuss learners' progress without compromising the integrity of the secure assessment resource.

Maintaining the security and confidentiality of these assessments will help to ensure fairness for all learners.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.