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Co-ordinator Update 28 May 2021

Quality Assurance and Provisional Results Service

We would like to thank all centres for submitting assessment evidence for the national quality assurance exercise. Your support in doing so is hugely appreciated and allows us to keep to the timeline for delivery of the Alternative Certification Model.

The national quality assurance exercise is underway and SQA appointees are reviewing your assessment evidence. On completion of the review, we will provide you with a subject-specific feedback report on SQA Connect for each course selected for quality assurance. We will then publish key messages for most courses and levels during the week of 7 June.

The information and recommendations in the feedback and key messages reports should be considered and acted upon as necessary, to ensure that assessment judgements are in line with the national standards, before you finalise provisional results for your learners.

The 2021 Provisional Results service for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses is now available on SQA Connect. Please remember that there are additional resources that will help with your work on determining and submitting provisional results: the SQA Academy course, 'Determining Provisional Results at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher', and the Provisional Results User guide that is available on SQA Connect. Centres can input provisional results at any time to help with local quality assurance but should only submit them to SQA once all local and national quality assurance activity has been completed. The final deadline for submission of provisional results is 25 June.

We are working on an update to the Provisional Results service to support the incomplete evidence contingency. This new functionality will be available during the week of 7 June. We will provide further information and guidance for the incomplete evidence contingency in advance of this date.

For any technical enquiries about how to use the Provisional Results service please email If you need any help with accessing SQA Connect, please email for assistance.