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SQA News 3 June 2021

Extended finish date for Construction Craft PDAs and SVQs

We have extended the finish date for lapsing Construction Craft PDAs and SVQs that were due to finish on 31 August.

The new finish date for the following qualifications is 31 December 2021, to allow centres and candidates more time to complete any outstanding assessments.

Professional Development Awards (PDAs) at SCQF level 6

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) at SCQF level 6

Any remaining candidates who are entered for the above qualifications should complete their assessments, and be resulted for the qualifications, before the new finish date on 31 December 2021.

This extension gives candidates an additional four months to complete their assessment and be resulted for the qualifications.

Next steps

Please ensure you submit any outstanding results to SQA by 31 December 2021. Please also ensure you withdraw any outstanding entries for candidates who are no longer doing these qualifications.

For Construction Craft SVQs, please make sure that any remaining candidates complete all contributing SVQ units before they attempt the Skills Test (as detailed in Appendix C of the CITB SSC Assessment Strategy). SQA External Verifiers will also check this during virtual verification visits.

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