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SQA News 3 June 2021

Revised Construction Craft SVQs and PDAs at SCQF level 6

CITB SSC has revised the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and structures for the following Construction Craft SVQs at SCQF level 6, including the associated skills tests.

Revised Construction Craft SVQs

SQA will start processing these revisions in session 2021-22 once we have received the revised structures from CITB.

The revised SVQs will be available for centres to deliver from 1 August 2022.

We will publish the revised structures and product codes by May 2022, to give you time to update the relevant documents and paperwork.

Quality Network events will take place in session 2021-22, where we will launch the revised SVQs and associated Skills Tests and provide centres with more information and support. We will share more details on these events in due course.

Revised Construction Craft PDAs

In line with CITB's revisions to the SVQ structures and NOS outlined above, SQA has revised the corresponding PDAs at SCQF level 6. This applies to the new PDAs that are due to start on 1 August, as well as the existing PDAs. Please note that the existing PDAs will now enter their lapsing period from 31 July 2021.

New PDAs at SCQF level 6 starting 1 August 2021

Existing PDAs at SCQF level 6

The revised versions of the PDAs will be available to deliver from 1 August 2021.

Any new candidates starting in session 2021-22 must be registered on the new PDAs at SCQF level 6.

Candidates who are already registered on the existing PDAs, and are continuing into session 2021-22, can also be given the opportunity to do the revised units.

If you have any questions about these revisions, please email