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SQA News 3 June 2021

2021 Appeals Service and Incomplete Evidence Service announced

Yesterday, we announced a free appeals service, available directly to learners for the first time, covering this year's National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher qualifications.

We know teachers and lecturers, with the support of the system and SQA, are working hard to deliver the right results to learners, first time. However, it is important that a direct right of appeal is available, and the appeals service is the final essential part of the alternative certification model.

There is also is also an updated guide for learners about the new system, and support and resources to help answer learners¿ questions about their next steps and their options.

Guidance on the appeals service for schools, colleges and training providers will be published by Friday 11 June.

Key features of the Appeals Service

All learners will have the right to appeal directly to SQA for free. Learners will be able to register that they want to appeal their provisional result directly to SQA from Friday 25 June.

The grounds for appeal are broad, there are three types of appeal:

A key principle of the awarding of qualifications in any year is that a learner's grade is based on the evidence of their demonstrated attainment of the skills and knowledge of a course, and this is a central feature of this year's alternative certification model. As a result, the outcomes of an evidence-based appeal could be that a learner's grade could go up, go down, or stay the same.

Schools, colleges and training providers will still be able to submit an appeal on behalf of their learners, if the learner prefers to use that route.

Incomplete Evidence Service

Further to the update published on 10 May, the National Qualifications 2021 Group has now published information for centres about the incomplete evidence contingency arrangement.

You will be able to identify learners for this arrangement on the Provisional Results service on SQA Connect from Tuesday 8 June. In line with the provisional results deadline, you should ensure final submission to this arrangement by Friday 25 June. Centres will then have from Tuesday 10 August until noon on Friday 3 September to submit provisional results for learners using this arrangement.

Centres are reminded that the incomplete evidence contingency arrangement should only be used in circumstances where learners have completed the learning and teaching for their course and completed some, but not all, of the required assessment due to severe disruption during the evidence-gathering process. It will allow those learners the opportunity to produce the required assessment evidence at the start of next session so you can submit a provisional result for them by the 3 September deadline.

User guides for centres and local authorities for the incomplete evidence contingency arrangement are now available on SQA Connect.