Investors in people

In partnership with the Scottish Government, the Investors in Young People (IIYP) Award seeks to recognise employers who demonstrate excellence in recruiting and retaining Young People, while encouraging others to begin working with Young People.

The framework allows for measurement, benchmarking and progressions towards higher levels of accreditation.  Each level, from Developed to Advanced clearly describes how well the practices are embedded within an organisation.

Bronze- Understood: The appropriate principles and practices are in place and communicated. Young People and Leaders know what is expected of them.

Silver- Embedded: Young People and Leaders are actively engaged in ensuring the appropriateness and consistency of the principles and practices.

Gold- Lived: Young People and Leaders actively drive positive outcomes, taking ownership of the principles and practices.

We are delighted to confirm that SQA have been awarded IIYP Gold status for 2021 having previously achieved the Investors in Young People Silver Level in 2018.

Our young workforce have significantly contributed to this progress by being active participants in our young talent programmes, open and honest in their feedback and shaping our engagement with all young people. This has helped us to learn how we can establish and maintain an environment that supports, develops and champions the growth of our young workforce and we look forward to welcoming more young colleagues onboard soon.