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SQA News 17 June 2021

Informing learners of provisional results for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

We know that, as part of Stage 3 of the Alternative Certification Model, some centres will have already provided learners with their provisional results based on evidence of demonstrated attainment at the conclusion of the course.

This is a gentle reminder for centres which have yet to provide provisional results that every learner must be made aware in advance of the provisional results that the centre intends to submit on their behalf to SQA on 25 June. Through the sharing of provisional results with learners, they will know what to expect when they get their certificate in August. It also allows time for learners and their parents/carers to prepare in the weeks leading up to results day for getting their certificate on 10 August.

Centres know their learners best and have the flexibility to determine the approach to sharing provisional results that best fits the needs and circumstances of their learners. All communications with learners should be founded on empathy, understanding, and with due regard to their well-being.

Time should be allowed for, and made available to, learners and their parents/carers to discuss any queries with the centre before the final submission of the provisional results and the end of the summer term. It is recognised that this may be limited due to the moderation and quality assurance processes that schools and colleges will be following.

When informing learners of their provisional result, it should be clear to them that what they are being given is what they should expect to find on their SQA certificate on 10 August. Learners should be assured that SQA will not change the provisional result submitted by centres and, that once provisional results are submitted, SQA will only check for administrative errors and will resolve these with centres.