Registering a National Qualifications appeal - important information

Please read the following guidance and register your appeal below.

You have the right to appeal directly to SQA. This guide tells you what information you will need to complete the registration form. It also provides some information on things you should consider when deciding whether you want to appeal.

Your result is based on demonstrated attainment. Demonstrated attainment means you have shown the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to be awarded the course. It is important that results are based on evidence of learning and skills, so you can have confidence in your results. During May, SQA carried out a review of a sample of assessment evidence from each school and college and provided feedback. Schools and colleges have also taken further steps to ensure fairness, such as making sure more than one professional is involved in deciding your results.

Completing the Form

Please do not use Internet Explorer (IE) when completing this form  use another browser (for example Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Macbook users we are aware of an issue with the form when trying to enter your date of birth using the Safari browser. Please try using the Chrome browser and if that fails please use a different device to register your appeal.

If you need to, or prefer to, you can ask someone (e.g., a parent or carer) to complete the form on your behalf.

To complete the form, you will need to provide the following information: 

Reason for Appeal

You will be asked to select the reason you want to appeal from 3 options: 

1. An appeal against the academic judgement made

2. An appeal against an unresolved administrative error

3. An appeal on grounds of discrimination where there has been a breach of the Equality Act 2010

If you are appealing against an unresolved administrative error or are appealing on the grounds of discrimination contrary to the Equality Act,you will have to provide a short, written explanation of what you believe has happened. This will be shared with your school, college, or training provider as part of the process for your appeal. If you need to, or prefer to, you can ask someone (e.g. a parent or carer) to complete this on your behalf.

The following are some examples of what you could include in your explanation if you are signalling your intent to appeal on the grounds of unresolved administrative error or on grounds of discrimination.

Priority Appeals

If you have a place at college, university, at a training provider or with an employer that is dependent on the result of the appeal(s), click 'Yes' on the form.

If someone has completed the form on your behalf

If someone has completed the form on your behalf, they will be asked to tick a box to confirm this, tell us their name and their relationship to you, e.g., parent or carer.

Your information

As part of the 2021 appeals service, we need information from you and your school, college or training centre to register and review your appeal submission and, if you are appealing an academic judgement, review your assessment evidence.

We will collect this information when you register your intent to appeal either through SQA's website or through your school, college or training centre.

You can find out more about the information we will collect and how we will use it as part of the 2021 appeals service, as well as your rights. Your rights include the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you. You can find out more about how to do this can be found under 'How do I request my information'

Frequently asked questions

If you receive an email saying that your submission is invalid, you can fix this by completing our invalid submission feedback form.

If you don't receive an email confirmation after submitting your appeal request please check your spam folder in your email client. If, after checking your spam folder, you do not have a confirmation, we can look into this for you.

If you have any other problems with the form or further questions our frequently asked questions provide more information on the 2021 appeals process.


It is very important that you read and understand what you are agreeing to when you register to appeal.

Once you have submitted the registration to appeal the only thing that will stop it being processed is if you tell us to withdraw the appeal by completing our withdraw an appeal form or by emailing  you have until 12 August to do this. Or you can ask our centre to withdraw the appeal until 27 August.

Register to appeal