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SQA News 26 August 2021

SQA past papers and 2020-21 question paper resources

We normally publish past papers on our website following a national diet of exams, and these remain on our website for five years. However, as there was no exam diet in 2020-21, and therefore no 2021 past papers, we will keep the 2016 past papers on the past paper section of our website for the duration of session 2021-22.

The 2020-21 question paper resources will continue to be available on the SQA Secure website for you to refer to as needed.

These question papers were an optional secure assessment resource that we provided in session 2020-21 to help teachers and lecturers gather evidence for provisional results.

For most subjects, the 2020-21 question paper resources are modified versions of an SQA question paper, which reflect the modifications to assessment that were put in place for session 2020-21. For example, many of the 2020-21 question papers contain less content or fewer topics, have a reduced number of marks and/or contain more optional elements than usual.

You can arrange access to the 2020-21 question paper resources through your SQA Co-ordinator.