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Co-ordinator Update 31 August 2021

National Qualifications - retention of assessment evidence from 2020-21

Centres are reminded of the specific dates relating to the retention of evidence for National Qualifications undertaken in session 2020-21.

In summary, all assessment evidence for National Qualifications, including evidence used for producing provisional results under the Alternative Certification Model and evidence for units, must be retained until 31 December 2021.

The only exception to this is for evidence relating to 2021 NQ appeals. In these cases, you must retain all learner information relating to appeals for 12 months as it may be needed for any subsequent enquiry or complaint to SQA. In these situations, you must keep all information including, but not limited to, photographic and video evidence, and checklists.

SQA will also retain any evidence submitted to support an appeal for 12 months, again to ensure that any complaints or enquiries can be dealt with efficiently.