Is there any flexibility in starting an exam earlier or later than the official start time?

Yes, centres are permitted to change the start times of examinations up to 30 minutes before or after the official start time without seeking approval from SQA. If you need to adjust the times by more than this, you will need to provide us with details of the proposed changes to the timetable. You can find the Request for Change of Timetable form on the SQA website.

Can a candidate use an English dictionary in SQA exams?

No, candidates are not permitted the use of an English dictionary in SQA examinations. In the case of a candidate who has English as an additional language, a bi-lingual dictionary (word for word, with no explanations) can be used - except in English, ESOL or an examination in the candidate’s first language.

My candidate has very poor handwriting, but no other difficulties. What arrangements can I put in place for them?

Centres are advised that if a candidate's writing is illegible and a marker would have difficulty in deciphering the candidate's writing, then the candidate should use ICT in their exams. You can download the Non-AA ICT spreadsheet from the SQA Secure website by clicking on NQ then Assessment Arrangements and completing it using Microsoft Excel.

Where can I find copies of past exam papers for my candidates?

You can find past exam papers using our past papers tool on the SQA website.

A candidate has an injury which may affect their exam performance. What should I do?

Temporary disability arrangements for internal assessments do not need to be requested with SQA unless you feel that the provision of these arrangements may compromise the integrity of the assessment. If arrangements are required for an external examination, please contact the assessment arrangements team by email at aarequests@sqa.org.uk.

My candidate has no recognised difficulties; can they still use ICT in SQA exams?

Candidates who do not have additional support needs may use ICT without spellchecker in an external exam provided the centre has requested this arrangement with SQA and the strict conditions as detailed in the SQA Coordinator’s Guide have been followed. There should be no connection to Internet or any networks.