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SQA News 30 September 2021

Using 2020-21 question paper resources

The 2020-21 question paper resources will continue to be available on the SQA Secure website during session 2021-22 for you to refer to as needed. You are not required to use these resources with your learners this session, however we understand that some of you may find them helpful.

If you are planning to use these resources with your learners during session 2021-22, our advice is to approach them in the same way you would approach an SQA past paper. For example, you could extract some of the questions and use them as part of a normal in-year assessment such as a class test or a prelim, or to help your learners practice for an exam.

Why the resources are remaining on the SQA Secure website

The question paper resources were specific to session 2020-21, so we no longer consider them to be secure assessments. However, we are not publishing them on our main website because, for most subjects, these are modified question papers that reflect the modifications to assessment we put in place last session. They do not reflect any adjustments that we have made to the modified National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher assessments for session 2021-22 and so they should only be used under the guidance of teachers and lecturers.

In addition, the marking instructions for the 2020-21 question paper resources have not been standardised based on learner responses. This normally happens during the marking stages of an exam diet before the marking instructions are published on our website alongside past papers.


Please note that these resources can only be used for learning and teaching purposes within centres. Under copyright laws, the materials must not be copied, reproduced, or published for commercial purposes, or shared on websites or social media channels where they can be accessed by the public.