Next Generation HN grading

The documents below aim to provide centres and stakeholders with an understanding of the Next generation (NextGen): HN development model.

We are currently aiming to develop a NextGen: HN prototype by piloting qualifications to test our design principles, grading models and related documentation. We will then evaluate and improve these, based on feedback from centres, learners and stakeholders.

The Minimum Viable Product (189 KB) document explains the concept of a minimum viable product and why we are using this approach in NextGen: HN. It also looks at what a NextGen: HN minimum viable product will consist of.

NextGen: HN qualifications have a new approach to grading – overall qualification grading, rather than a single graded Unit which is used in current HNs.

The Grading Models (120 KB) document shows the grading statements – which briefly describe a candidate’s performance on their certificate – for each of the three grades:

It also explains the three distinct grading models used in NextGen: HN, which were developed in 2022-21 for the prototype qualifications in TV, Engineering and Computing.

The Grading Process (204 KB) document illustrates how a centre might progress throughout the year towards final qualification grading and includes a suggestion for the Quality Assurance support available.