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SQA News 14 October 2021

Next Generation: HN update

Virtual roadshows

SQA held two sold-out Next Generation: Higher National (NextGen: HN) webinars in late September.

More than 200 learning, teaching and support staff from Scotland’s colleges attended the virtual roadshows to learn about how we are reshaping our Higher National qualifications for the future.

We were delighted with the interest and engagement the webinars generated, and the positive feedback they received from attendees.

You can view a recording on the NextGen: HN area of our website:

We received a number of questions from delegates at the sessions. We will publish answers to these on the Next Gen area of our website shortly.

This was the first in a series of NextGen: HN webinars – future sessions may focus on topics such as grading and meta-skills.

We are also planning to run similar events specifically for employers and training providers and will share details of these, and how to register, in SQA News over the coming weeks.

Pilot qualifications

We had a very encouraging response to the call for centres to pilot qualifications in phase 2 of the project (2022-23), with 19 applications received across several subject areas.

We will select the successful phase 2 applications by Friday 29 October.

Phase 1 is currently underway, with the new HNC TV qualification being piloted with Edinburgh College and New College Lanarkshire.

The Film and Television Department at New College Lanarkshire are blogging about their involvement in the pilot – you can read about their experiences here.

A detailed timeline showing the full range of qualifications to be developed and piloted in phases 1 and 2 is available on our short SQA Academy module.

Development model

We have recently published information on the NextGen: HN development model – including the concept of minimum viable product and the new approach to grading – to explain how we will test, evaluation and improve our design principles, grading models and related documentation.

You can find these on the NextGen: HN area of our website.

More information

You can find an overview of how and why we established NextGen: HN, its current progress, and a timeline of future work on our SQA Academy module.

If you have any other questions, please contact our NextGen: HN team who will be happy to help –