Understanding Standards

SQA's Understanding Standards programme aims to support teachers and lecturers by strengthening their understanding of the standards required for assessment in National Qualifications. We deliver a range of subject-specific events, webinars and support materials to help to build confidence in preparing learners for assessment.

2018-19 Understanding Standards programme

Higher course events

A programme of events and webinars focused mainly on the revisions to Higher Courses in 2018/2019 is currently being developed. Full details will be published on this page and communicated via centre news by the end of May 2018.

Available Understanding Standards materials

Candidate evidence and commentary materials 

Candidate evidence and commentaries are available from the following locations:

SQA secure website

  • candidate evidence and commentaries for unit assessment
  • candidate evidence and commentaries for internally assessed components of course assessment
  • candidate evidence and commentaries for components of course assessment which are subject to visiting verification

Understanding Standards website (www.understandingstandards.org.uk)

  • candidate evidence and commentaries for externally assessed components of course assessment (including question papers). 

Changes to Published Understanding Standards Materials

When there are revisions to courses any associated Understanding Standards materials will be revised or removed if no longer relevant. When revisions are made, centres will be notified through Centre News. Please use the link below to view details of any packs for your subject we may have revised or removed.

Changes to Published US materials

Understanding Standards audio presentations

View available audio presentations.

CPD Webinars

View available webinar recordings.