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Scottish Government announcement on education reform

The Scottish Government has announced that as part of wider education reform, SQA is to be replaced by a new qualifications body. 

This new organisation will take on SQA’s current awarding functions, including responsibility for the design and delivery of all qualifications, the running of exams and the awarding of certificates. SQA’s commercial activities and international work will also be included in the remit of this new organisation. 

The Scottish Government intends to further consider where our current accreditation and regulation functions should sit in the future. In her announcement to the Scottish Parliament, Shirley-Anne Sommerville, Cabinet Secretary for Education, advised that further consideration is required in relation to the scope of these functions and where these functions should sit in future, in particular ensuring that the independence of these regulatory functions is appropriately secured. Further focused work on this aspect, drawing on the knowledge and expertise which exists within SQA and taking into account the views of stakeholders will take place over the next few months.  We are waiting on further information on how this work will proceed but will ensure that your views are part of the Cabinet Secretary’s deliberations.  


When we receive more information, we will advise you accordingly. In the meantime, you can view:

Ken Muir’s report and the consultation analysis:

The Scottish Government statement: 

The Scottish Government’s full response to the Muir Review: