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A charge is made for past papers and specimen/exemplar question papers being used for commercial purposes. Please see the table below for the latest charges:


Single use

Multi-edition (up to three years)

Use of past paper or specimen/exemplar question paper - per question/extract - UK

£25 plus VAT

£40 plus VAT

Use of past paper or specimen/exemplar question paper - per question/extract - international

£40 plus VAT

£65 plus VAT

Please note:

Where there are two or more components, such as Question 1 (a) and 1 (b), these are considered to be separate questions.

Extracts from the marking guidance for past papers and specimen/exemplar question papers are charged under the same fee structure as questions, so the use of example answers would incur additional fees.

There is a minimum charge per order of £60 (plus VAT) and prices are subject to change.

For commercial purposes, no more than 30% of the questions from any individual past paper or specimen question paper may be used in any one publication or resource.

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