What we do

We are the national accreditation and awarding body for Scotland. Our purpose is to help people fulfil their potential and maintain standards across Scottish education.

We engage with learners, schools, colleges and training providers across Scotland, the rest of the UK and internationally, to develop, maintain, and improve a framework of qualifications, and to set and maintain standards for many other awarding bodies, and accredited qualifications.

Awarding and accreditation

We have two distinct parts - SQA Accreditation and SQA the awarding body.

Developing and managing qualifications

We develop qualifications in partnership with schools, colleges, universities and industry.

Setting, maintaining and monitoring standards

We are responsible for ensuring the standard of qualifications is maintained over time and across courses.

Our business environments

We work with commercial and government clients within the UK and internationally.

Education reform

  • The Scottish Government has announced that as part of wider education reform, SQA is to be replaced by a new qualifications body in 2024.
  • This new organisation will take on SQA’s current awarding functions, including responsibility for the design and delivery of all qualifications, the running of exams and the awarding of certificates, SQA’s commercial activities and international work.