Our business environments

We are an executive non-departmental public body that reports to Scottish Ministers and the Scottish Parliament. It is sponsored by the Scottish Government’s Learning Directorate and employs nearly 1000 people.

Commercial activity

SQA delivers services for commercial clients, focusing on the administration of assessments in transport and education sectors. Services include:

International work

SQA is proud to operate internationally and to show the world what Scotland has to offer.

Since 1997 we have seen the benefits from contributing to the international community, by promoting Scottish education and Scotland worldwide, supporting the Scottish Government’s international strategy.

We demonstrate in practice that working with SQA - and Scotland - is beneficial and positive for our international partners and customers. Developing strong relationships and opportunities that contribute to sustainable economic growth in Scotland. Opportunities for learners, supporting workforce development, and helping to build in-country capacity have been at the heart of our approach.

Our international work generates an income which reduces our draw on the public purse.

We offer qualifications that are delivered worldwide by universities and training providers:

We also provide consultancy services for establishing educational and training supply chains.


We review our international business regularly, as part of our human rights policy, and we have recently ceased business in six countries.

SQA framework

The SQA framework 2020–23, by the Scottish Government in consultation with us, sets out the framework within which we operate, defining roles and responsibilities of our relationship.