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AC2 Form and Guidance document

As recently shared with all our approved Awarding Bodies our updated AC2 Form and associated AC2 Guidance document are now available for use. Both have been uploaded onto our website.

We recognise Awarding Bodies may have current submissions in progress and we are not insisting on the immediate introduction of the new AC2 Form for all submissions to Accreditation Coordination Group (ACG). However, we do ask for colleagues to start using the new AC2 Form as soon as practicable. 

A summary of changes to AC2 Form (May 2022) are: 


Whilst offering this summary we expect familiarity will only come from using, and populating, the new AC2 Form. We believe the AC2 Guidance document will provide significant help with this.  

Awarding Body feedback on the new AC2 Form and/or the AC2 Guidance is welcomed.