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Research Group Seminar

The Education and Labour Market Research Group is holding its next seminar virtually on October 14 at 2 - 3 pm. Paul Quigley will be presenting and is presenting his newest work on employer engagement with apprenticeships. Please find the abstract below. If you would like to attend the seminar, please email

This research project seeks to examine how large employers in Scotland engage with apprenticeships. A series of small case studies and over 50 semi-structured interviews have been conducted with employers across Scotland to develop an analysis of the attitudes and motivations that underpin engagement, and non-engagement, with apprenticeships. This project aims to build upon Bredgaard's typology (2017) to provide a framework to best understand employer engagement with apprenticeships, and to help provide policymakers and practitioners with a greater depth of understanding of employer behaviour. This research will identify the key factors that impact employer decision-making in relation to apprenticeship engagement. It will also provide an evaluation of the impact of legislative changes to employer engagement with apprenticeships in Scotland.