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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Learning Resources

The next in our series of SQA Academy modules, Quality Assurance and Unit Writing, are now live.   

The Quality Assurance module provides an understanding of the changes to SQA’s Quality Assurance model during NextGen: HN pilot phase 2.  

The Unit Writing module has been designed in addition to our unit writing training which is delivered to all unit writers involved in NextGen: HN.  

By the end of the module, participants will:  

  • be familiar with the design principles of Next Generation Higher National (NextGen: HN)  

  • be familiar with the documentation involved in developing NextGen: HN Unit specifications  

  • be familiar with the process of writing NextGen: HN Units and become familiar with the new Unit Specification  

  • be familiar with meta-skills and how these should be included in NextGen: HN. 

Additional learning modules are available to support the delivery and development of NextGen: HN qualifications. You can find them on the learning section of our NextGen: HN website.