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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Professional Bodies Engagement

A key factor in the development of NextGen: HN prototype qualifications has been the extensive and successful engagement with relevant professional and regulatory bodies throughout the process.

This collaboration has been vital in ensuring the qualifications are aligned to industry standards, providing learners with appropriate recognition and credibility and giving employers confidence that NextGen: HN learners possess the skills and understanding they require.

This engagement will continue to be key as we expand our prototype qualification development across new subject areas and sectors in the coming years.


Diane Dickson, Manager, Student Recruitment, Chartered Institute of Management (CIMA):

‘The relationship between CIMA, SQA and Scotland’s Colleges is of the utmost importance and ensures there is a pathway for learners in gaining a professional qualification. The students gain the benefit of knowing their college qualification is mapped to the professions and gives them the fantastic start to their career in Accounting and Finance.’


Susie Benson, Regional Partnerships Manager, the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA):

‘Mapping the NextGen: HNC in Physical Activity and Health to CIMSPA’s Professional Standards increases the credibility and employability of all learners undertaking this programme of study.

It demonstrates that the content of the qualification meets industry approved standards that are built upon the skills, knowledge and understanding current sought after by employers across the sport and physical activity sector.

Not only does this assist with supporting learners into positive destination employment upon completion of their course, but also ensures that those who successfully complete the programme can be awarded professional status and recognition by CIMSPA as the professional development body for the sector.’


Corinne Robbie, Learning and Development Manager in the Qualifications and Standards Team, Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC):

‘The NextGen: HNCs in Social Services and Childhood Practice capture key changes that are occurring in these sectors. Higher-order, transferable skills are essential, and these are now integrated into these awards by way of meta-skills.

The common core approach between these qualifications allows for better integration and flexibility across different areas, which, in turn, will be of great benefit to learners.

We look forward to further consultation from SQA on any changes resulting from the pilot.'