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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Learner and Practitioner Evaluation

Learner Evaluation Update  

The learner focus groups began on Tuesday 1 November and will run until Thursday 8 December.  

A small number of colleagues are visiting pilot centres to engage with learners undertaking a NextGen: HN qualification. We have already conducted 20 focus groups and plan to conduct a further 13 before Thursday 8 December and have spoken to learners on each prototype qualification. We covered various themes during the focus groups including; meta-skills, learning for sustainability, learning and assessment, grading and communications. Learners contributed to the focus groups with valuable comments and shared experiences on how they feel their courses are progressing.   

Practitioner Evaluation   

Invitations should have been received by pilot centre practitioners for our first practitioner evaluation focus group of this session. Focus groups will be held to discuss and reflect on the delivery of the new Award, ensuring a high-quality product that meets the aims of the NextGen: HN project. The information, experiences and views gathered will help to shape future developments and allow SQA to provide additional support or guidance if required.   

If you have not received your invitation, contact your New Product Development Manager who will be able to assist.