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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Meta-skills learner resource

In addition to the general meta-skills learner module, we have launched the first in a series of resources to help NextGen: HN learners develop their understanding of meta-skills. The SQA Academy module can be used in combination with learning and teaching activities  or as a stand-alone course that learners can work through independently, to help learners understand what meta-skills are and how they are included in their NextGen: HN qualifications.  

The NextGen: HN – Meta-skills for Learners SQA Academy module can be accessed from the meta-skills page of the NextGen: HN website.  

We plan to release additional meta-skills modules when their development is complete. We will update you on their release in future pilot centre updates.  

Additional learning modules are available on the ‘Learning’ section on our website, helping support the delivery and development of NextGen: HN qualifications.