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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

NextGen: HN - evaluation review

SQA’s review of the NextGen: HN programme – announced in June 2022 – focuses on the prototype qualifications currently in the pilot. The first round of review activity is expected to complete as planned at the end of this session – 2022-23.  

Our review activity involves carrying out project level and prototype evaluation. This includes focus groups with a broad range of learners and practitioners who are delivering the pilot and will help us evaluate how it is functioning. Discussions include areas such as Assessment, Meta-skills, Articulation and Progression, Grading and Digital Assessment. The review will also enable us to identify positive impacts on learners and practitioners and make recommendations for future developments. Outcomes will be used to refine the materials and processes for delivering NextGen: HN qualifications that have been piloted.  

We are taking this opportunity to address feedback from the college sector. We are also working to support future rollout and expansion of NextGen: HN by ensuring robust business and technology solutions are in place. 

Progress updates will be added to our quarterly update – NextGen: HN News. This will include any anticipated impact on Scotland’s colleges, higher education institutions, training providers and employers. 

We remain committed to progressing NextGen: HN while giving centres time to reflect and plan. There are no plans to expand or add additional qualifications to the pilot during session 2023-24 and we look forward to continuing work with our pilot centres.  

Continued success of the NextGen: HN programme is critical in providing qualifications fit for the future and we are grateful for everyone who is participating in this review. 

Our dedicated web page – – has information about the NextGen: HN programme as well as links to webinars. This page also links to our blog site where we will shortly add information about how we engaged with learners during the evaluation.  

If you have any questions about the review of the NextGen: HN pilot phase please email