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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Meta-skills Resources

NextGen: HN – Meta-skills for Learners   

We have recently released the second of our online resources, designed specifically for NextGen: HN learners when developing their meta-skills.   

Introducing Meta-skills

This module explains what meta-skills are, why they are included within NextGen: HN qualifications, and what learners can expect over the course of the year. It also contains brief reflective activities to encourage learners get started with reflective practice.   

Understanding Meta-skills

This module allows learners to explore the language of meta-skills within the Skills 4.0 framework. It encourages learners to consider the personal relevance of meta-skills, and how they   could connect with their learning and future work contexts.  

The stand-alone modules can be worked on independently by learners. However, they can also be used in combination with teaching activities.  

Over the next few months, we will be releasing a further two learner courses – Developing Meta-skills and Assessing Meta-skills – along with a revised practitioner course.   

The current version of the Practitioners’ SQA Academy course can be accessed on our website. This course offers an overview of meta-skills, guidance on possible approaches for learning and teaching and assessment procedures.   

Assessment Guidance   

We have produced additional Assessment Guidance which offers support on how to assess the meta-skills outcome through the processes of self-assessment, goal setting, action planning and reflective practice. This document will be shared with you by NPDMs for testing and feedback. 

We will review this guidance for session 2023-2024.  

Ushare Resources  

The meta-skills Ushare page has been updated with access to a range of resources focused on the processes of self-awareness, goal setting and reflective practice. You are invited to add any resources you think other centres may find useful.