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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

University Engagement and Learner Offers

We wrote to higher education institutions (HEI) in February to remind them that they may receive applications from learners who have achieved NextGen: HN qualifications. We supplied them with a summary of our NextGen: HN qualifications, the centres currently piloting these courses and key developments around grading and UCAS arrangements. We also provided HEI’s with an overview of prototype NextGen: HN qualifications alongside our Qualification Information documents and unit specifications. We have communicated to HEIs that learners who pass NextGen: HN qualifications will receive one of the following grade outcomes:     

If there are concerns about offers received following university applications learners should speak with the university directly, in the first instance.  

We will continue to engage with higher education colleagues to ensure they understand what to expect when NextGen: HN qualifications are presented.