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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update


We would like to thank all pilot centres, and in particular those that were involved with the review and Pilot Centre Themed Conversation surrounding Grading in March, it was a significant month for the development of NextGen: HN.  

Grading Review 

We completed a review of NextGen: HNC TV, which is the only NextGen: HN qualification that has completed delivery and graded students, so far.  We had the opportunity to engage with the two centres delivering NextGen: HNC TV and discuss how they approached grading, the challenges they overcame, and the benefits. Their experience was really positive, and has been captured in a detailed grading review.  

You can read the grading review on our website

We expect a significant increase in grading decisions being made this summer, which will be a valuable contribution to our support and documentation.  

Pilot Centre Themed Conversation – Grading  

The Pilot Centre Themed Conversation, focused on Grading, gave us the opportunity to engage with pilot centres across different HNs and grading models. We ensured to check how confident pilot centres felt as they approach the end of this year's delivery, as we acknowledge that there is natural anxiety. If you require additional support, please contact your NPDM. In addition, we shared a survey asking for feedback on grading at this stage to support the ongoing work and evaluation. The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete and will be open until.

Take the survey.

Thank you in advance.