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Accreditation Newsletter

Scottish Government consultation

We would appreciate if you could consider responding to the recent Scottish Government consultation which was published on Tuesday 7 November 2023.

Education Bill provisions

We would also like to offer clarification with regards to an incorrect interpretation published in the Federation of Awarding Bodies’ QualsMatter on Friday 10 November 2023, where it stated:

“The Scottish Government have launched a consultation on the replacement body for SQA, following the Hayward review in 2022. The planned reforms will see the accreditation and regulation of qualifications in Scotland move to two separate bodies.”

The decision of Scottish Government was for the awarding and accreditation (and regulation) functions of SQA to be part of the new qualifications body but continue to be separate post the reform programme ie. SQA awarding body and SQA Accreditation respectively. The Cabinet Secretary confirmed on Tuesday 29 November 2022 that the accreditation function would be part of the new qualifications body.