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Industry Consultation for development of an SVQ in Integrated Health and Social Care

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) are currently developing an SVQ in Integrated Health & Social Care. The project is at the industry consultation stage, which will run between Tuesday 31 October 2023 to Wednesday 31 January 2024.  

Who is the qualification for? 

This qualification is suitable for any health and/or social care worker whose job role matches the SCQF level and National Occupational Standards (NOS) in the qualification. The NOS embedded within the qualification are suitable for health care support and social service roles, in adult and children and young people services. Stakeholder consultation has identified the following priority groups: 

  • Health care support workers, support workers, practitioners and supervisors employed in health and social care services or settings (particularly community based, primary care and integrated teams) 

  • school leavers interested in working across services or yet to find their preferred health and social care vocational route 

  • people working across different settings or services  

  • workers wishing for a career change or progression within a different health and social care settings or service  

  • workers in discrete geographical communities, such as island or rural communities 

  • workers in care at home who work with children and young people and/or adults 

  • workers who may need to support children and young people transitioning to adult support. 

Who should take part in this consultation? 

SSSC would like to hear views from employers, training providers, SVQ assessors, verifiers and other stakeholders across the social care and children and young people workforce, including integrated health and social care sectors.  

SSSC are consulting on the qualification while it is still in development, to make sure it suitable for the current and future workforce. Your views will inform the final draft of the qualification which will be submitted to SQA Accreditation for approval in 2024. 

You can respond to the consultation here: 

The consultation closes at 5 pm on Wednesday 31 January 2024.  

Join an online information session 

SSSC are holding a series of online information sessions on the proposed SVQ in Integrated Health and Social Care (SCQF level 7) as part of the consultation. Each session will take around 45 minutes and you can book your place using the links below.