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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

NextGen: HN candidate data and certification

During the pilot phase of NextGen: HN, the data and certification team are here to provide support throughout the candidate entry, results, and certification process of your NextGen: HN candidates.   

Candidate entries and unit results are processed via your normal data submission methods, which may include MIS or SQA Connect – Candidate Services.     

NextGen: HN Group Awards are graded with either achieved, achieved with merit or achieved with distinction which are provided to SQA by delivering centres via the relevant SharePoint site.    

We are currently developing the SharePoint sites with the 2023/24 session entries we have received. The 2022/23 lists will remain accessible to you.  

We would like to remind you to review any outstanding NextGen: HN entries with a 2023 completion date on Navigator. The entries will need to either be resulted, withdrawn or have their completion dates extended to 2024. If you are expecting any 2023 candidates to be certificated this session, please contact Please include NextGen: HN in the subject line, and the email will be passed onto the relevant team.  

Workshops to explain the process of NextGen: HN Group Award results can be arranged on request. To arrange a workshop or for any other enquiries on NextGen: HN data and certification, please contact