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NextGen: HN news

UHI Learning and Teaching Conference 2023

Members of the NextGen: HN team recently attended and presented at UHI’s Learning and Teaching conference in Inverness. The conference was titled ‘role modelling, re-modelling and re-imagining’ which provided the perfect opportunity to showcase NextGen: HN, focusing on the key theme of sustainability.  

SQA’s Valerie Innes, Emma Campos and Jordan Gulland were joined by Andrew McIntosh, Depute Curriculum Leader of Engineering at UHI Inverness, to deliver the final keynote session at the event. They provided an overview and update of the NextGen: HN project before sharing practitioner experiences of embedding Learning for Sustainability (LfS) in their delivery of NextGen: HN qualifications. 

Andrew McIntosh demonstrated how LfS has been embedded within NextGen: HNC Engineering, while also discussing the reception from students and industry representatives before looking ahead at next steps. Emma Campos then discussed the experience provided by Amber Crowley, Curriculum Lead for UHI Argyll, highlighting delivery methods and reflections from the NextGen: HNC Horticulture qualification. We would like to thank everyone for their time and contributions to the presentation, which was very well received.  

Fiona Craig, SQA’s Learning for Sustainability Co-ordinator, took part in a panel discussion at the conference, which focussed on embedding sustainability education in learning and teaching. This was a great opportunity for Fiona to talk about how LfS has been embedded in the NextGen: HN project and the collaborative approach taken to develop resources and support.  

You can view our presentation to understand how we are embedding sustainability into NextGen: HN qualifications. You can also read reflections from pilot centre practitioners, including Amber Crowley, in our recent case study.  

If you have any upcoming events or engagements, and you would like the NextGen: HN team to attend, please contact us at