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NextGen: HN news

Engineering roadshow

The NextGen: HN Engineering development began in session 2020 - 2021. The development was supported by the Qualification Design Team (QDT), which included wide sector representation across further education, higher education, sector skills and employers. Six separate Engineering frameworks were condensed. Engineering and maths units were incorporated into the core, alongside a variety of pathways, enabling specialisms in the key engineering disciples including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and engineering systems.   

In session 2021 – 2022, no centres came forward to pilot the Engineering qualification. During this year, the team developed the remaining engineering pathways in electronics, instrumentation and control, and manufacturing engineering as well as the HND framework and units. In session 2022 - 2023 Inverness College UHI piloted engineering systems and West College Scotland participated too, although offered a 'hybrid' programme which combined elements of electrical and mechanical engineering. Pilot centres made good use of the 'change request' process which is an integral part of the pilot and prototype approach.  After extensive engagement across our pilot centres and Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s) we  reinstated the Engineering Maths 1 - 5 units. We reduced the evidence requirements in some units and some other refinements were made as a direct result of the piloting process.   

This year, Inverness College UHI is piloting engineering systems for a second year. The practitioners like the flexibility of the course, while learners like the reduced assessment load.   

We asked all engineering leads in our further education colleges to invite us to showcase our 'Engineering Roadshow' to delivery teams, which has resulted in useful professional discussions with Kelvin College, and further sessions are lined up with City of Glasgow College and West Lothian College. The purpose of the roadshow is to promote the NextGen: HN Engineering qualification.  

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