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Co-ordinator Update 29 February 2024

2023-24 National Qualifications coursework - new packaging guidance

New packaging guidance is now in place for the uplift and submission of 2023–24 National Qualifications coursework. Previously, coursework was submitted using both clear-faced bags and script return envelopes.

This year, you must not use clear-faced bags for any coursework component that is marked from image (MFI). Instead, please staple all MFI coursework, including flyleafs, at the top left-hand corner and place in the script return envelope. This change removes the requirement for 200,000 single-use pieces of plastic.

We’ll still provide all centres with clear-faced bags for use where coursework is either marked from paper (MFP) or traditionally marked. We’ll also include a small supply of bags if MFI coursework is too large or bulky to be securely stapled.

You can identify MFI components by using the list of components and marking types distributed with Ex6 Attendance Registers, which we’ll send to centres on Wednesday 28 February and Monday 18 March. They are packaged in the grey MFI script return poly-envelope.

National 5 Administration and IT question papers

Please note that National 5 Administration and IT question papers have separate arrangements during the main diet due to the nature of the assessment. For this component, please continue to use clear-faced bags as per the guidance in the Handbook for Invigilators.