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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Emerging themes - Learner engagement interim report 2023 - 24

Members of our learner engagement team recently met with a range of Next Gen: HN learners for the first round of engagement for 2023 - 24. We took the same approach as the previous year, to ensure learners' views are captured and fed into the overall evaluation of the Next Gen: HN project. Engagement activity significantly increased this year due to the new NextGen: HND qualifications that entered pilot delivery in 2023.  

 A total of 60 focus groups, from 14 pilot centres were conducted within the first round of engagement for session 2023 – 24, which was concluded on 6 December 2023. Focus groups discussed various topics, with particular focus around meta-skills, learning for sustainability, assessment, grading, progression, and communication.  In addition, we conducted a survey to ensure learner participation which was completed by 595 students.  

We were able to identify general emerging themes around the Next Gen: HN feature, which included: 

Overall, learners are enjoying their NextGen: HN courses and are recognising significant changes from previous learning experiences, particularly in the practical elements. The evaluation activity provided an initial insight into learners' views on NextGen: HN features. The second round of engagement for 2023 –34 is scheduled for April - May 2024.