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Co-ordinator Update 29 February 2024

Entry deadline

We’re approaching the entry deadline of 31 March. Please ensure that entries for your learners are as accurate as possible by this date. Any entries or change of level received after 31 March will incur a fee, as detailed in the ‘SQA Charges 2023–24’ email that we sent to you in November 2023. This charge only applies where you submit a new entry; there is no charge to withdraw a learner.

Accurate and timely submission of data is critical for the planning and preparation of the exam diet. We use this data to issue the correct amount of stationery and question papers. Importantly, it also ensures that we recruit the required number of appointees for marking and keeps release from centres to a minimum.

National 4 entries

Please note our policy is that any National 4 entries received after the end of the summer term will be deferred to 2025.