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Co-ordinator Update 29 February 2024

NQ verification 2023-24 - Scottish Baccalaureate update 2024

A Scottish Baccalaureate is a group award consisting of a coherent group of current Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications, in addition to an Interdisciplinary Project.

The Interdisciplinary Project (IP) is unique to the Scottish Baccalaureate qualification and helps candidates to develop and show evidence of initiative, responsibility, and independent working — skills of real value in the world of higher education and work.

IPs are internally assessed and graded by centres and their partners. Grading decisions are then externally verified by SQA External Verifiers.

The following information provides you with an overview of arrangements for the external verification of the Scottish Baccalaureate IP in 2024.

You must submit IP results no later than Sunday 31 March.  It is imperative that you meet this date as subsequent processes are dependent on this information being available. 

If your centre is selected for Quality Assurance activity, we’ll advise which of your candidates’ IP materials should be submitted for verification purposes on Wednesday 3 April.

We’ll issue stationery for the uplift of candidates’ materials during the week of Monday 15 April.

We’ll collect candidates’ IP materials from your centre on Tuesday 23 April.

Please refer to the Scottish Baccalaureate Interdisciplinary Project Quality Assurance guide for centres and their representatives for further information.

If you’ve any questions about the Scottish Baccalaureate, please contact the NQ Verification team on 0345 213 6766 or email