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SQA News 28 March 2024

Art and Design - new SQA Academy courses for National 5 and Higher question papers

We’ve published two new online SQA Academy courses to help teachers and lecturers with their understanding of the National 5 and Higher Art and Design question papers. Each course provides information and guidance on the question paper components, and includes interactive marking exercises where you can practise awarding marks to example responses.

Both courses are now available on the SQA Academy website.

To access the courses, you need to create a user account on the SQA Academy website.

As we advised in our update on National Courses for session 2024–25 onwards, we’re reducing the length and number of marks in the National 5 question paper from session 2024–25. We’ll update the National 5 Art and Design Question Paper Marking course in session 2024–25 to reflect these reductions.